Office Lighting: Setting Up Your Home Office

Whether you use a quiet corner of a living room or an entire room in your home, there are a few basics elements to consider when setting up your home office.


First consider the basics - an adequately sized desk and a comfortable chair. Sitting in a chair that is too low or too high or does not have adequate back support will cause long term posture and back problems. Make sure your desk and chair fit together properly so that you can sit comfortably with your elbows placed gently on the table. Also make sure the desk has enough space for your needs.


Before you decide on a place to set your desk, look around for the most accessible power outlets. Most desks will hold an office computer and lamp, as well as a printer and phone. All of these items will need easy to locate electric outlets. You do not want to step across cords to walk across the room or go from one corner of your desk to the other if you do not have to. Fortunately, with a little thought you should be able to orient your furniture so that the cords are between the wall and your desk.


Lighting is another important aspect of any good home office. To determine the best placement of lighting, as well as the best type to use, think of how the room will be used and how often. An overhead light or lights are always a good idea. In addition, you may want to add task lighting in several areas.

If you will work and write at a computer, consider purchasing a desk lamp to place by your screen. This will enable you to make notes and write without straining your eyes or having to move to another part of the room. If you plan on doing some reading in your home office, you may want to set up a comfortable chair and lamp away from the computer.

LED lighting, with its clear, bright light makes a great choice for home office lighting situations. LED lighting makes tasks such as reading and writing easier by throwing a strong light just where you need it. Many of these lamps can also be dimmed as needed for when the natural lighting in the room changes from day to night. To brighten an entire area, consider replacing overhead MR16 halogen lights with LED replacements like Leflectors. These lights brighten up all types of rooms, even those with little natural light, at a fraction of the price as regular halogen lamps and give off clearer, crisper illumination.


In addition to proper file cabinets, bookshelves, and organization folders, many people will use their home office as a place to store household supplies and kits. Things like your home's small emergency kit, family albums, and holiday decorations are simple to store in a home office cabinet for easy access.

With proper lighting, a well laid out floor plan and proper equipment, your home office can be a space that is comfortable and useful.

~Ben Anton, 2008


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